Scenario One: Ashley + Bailey

Ashley and Bailey become fast friends after finding a mutual love of a TV show, but their new friendship is tested when Ashley learns some girls at school are bullying Bailey.

Scenario Two: Alayna + Bex

Alayna and Bex are assigned as partners for an English project. When their teacher tells Alayna why she put them together, Alayna must decide how to deal.

Scenario Three: Derrick + Jess

Derrick and Jess have been dating for a while and are about to graduate and pursue their dreams of becoming actors. Derrick gives her an interesting parting gift - does it raise a red flag?

Scenario Four: Elle + Keith

Keith and Elle lost their best friend Robbie to suicide a month ago. Elle is working hard to make sure no one she loves will make that choice, but Keith is on a different path.